Psychiatry/Behavioral Health

At Premium Care Medical Center, Drs. Chukwunomnso and Princess Dennar provide behavioral health services in New Orleans, Louisiana and surrounding communities for adults, teens, and children. We are able to diagnose, treat, and help prevent certain psychiatric disorders through patient evaluations.

We help our patients find relief from common mental health disorders and illnesses sooner by offering effective treatment to bring remission of your behavioral or psychiatric condition. We provide education and assist in the management and resolution of common psychological conditions through evaluation and medication.

We see and treat children, teens, and adults with:

In addition, we can screen children for Asperger syndrome and other autism spectrum disorders, perform speech evaluations, and provide referrals to professional resources for further testing and therapy.

To schedule a psychiatric or behavioral evaluation for yourself or your child, call Premium Care Medical Center in New Orleans today at (504) 361-4203.