Adolescent Medicine

In addition to the pediatric services we offer such as well-child visits, physicals, sick visits, urgent care, and immunizations, Premium Care Medical Center offers more individual attention to the unique experiences of adolescents. Our board-certified pediatricians serve older children in our New Orleans, Louisiana office, where we are able to provide a comfortable setting for open and honest communication.

We understand that it is crucial for adolescents to develop life-long health habits and we help to instill the value of wellness in your teenager by paying close attention to changes in their health, behavior, and appearance.

Our adolescent medicine services include:

Preventive Care

Whether your teen is sexually active or not, we offer preventive methods to ensure they receive the education and care they need for the future. We also provide screenings and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, and we give the HPV vaccine to help protect girls against cervical cancer.

Wellness & Nutrition

Proper nutrition is essential to the health of your young ones. We offer nutrition services to ensure your adolescent understands what a healthy diet is and can manage their weight to enjoy a happy and healthy life.

Eating Disorders

The transition to adulthood can be tough on young adults and the stress can turn some to manage it through eating disorders, which can have life-threatening consequences. Eating disorders can also cause permanent damage to the digestive system and should not be taken lightly. We offer treatment options for disorders such as anorexia, binge eating disorder, and bulimia to help care for your child.

Birth Control

In addition to preventing pregnancy, birth control can help regulate certain conditions in teenagers such as painful periods or excessive menstrual bleeding. For whatever reason birth control may be necessary for your child, we will review the risks and side effects of common birth control methods to decide what is best for your child.


We offer special education to your adolescent about the dangerous and often long-term implications of abusing drugs and alcohol, as well as engaging in unprotected sex.

Young Women’s Health

As young girls begin menstruating, we help them understand the changes occurring in their body and how important it is to pay close attention to their health and the special concerns facing females. We commonly treat those who suffer from PMS, painful periods (dysmenorrhea), absent periods (amenorrhea), excessive bleeding (menorrhagia) and other conditions. We are also able to care for adolescents with unintended pregnancies.

Skin Treatment / Dermatology

We understand how embarrassing skin conditions can be for young teens as their bodies are changing and hormones are surging. We care for acne and many other types of skin problems, offering a variety of treatment options.

Transition of Care

The transition of care period from adolescence to adulthood in the health care system is a critical time. It is a time where patients in this age group have a higher health risk and are more vulnerable to poor clinical outcomes and increased health care costs. 

Premium Care Medical Center has developed a team-based transition of care program in the clinic to reduce negative health outcomes during this critical time. We provide developmental and transitional care consultations, assessments, and case management services for adolescents with developmental delays who are transitioning to adult medical services.

In our Med-Peds clinic, teenagers do not have to physically change doctors as they age into adulthood because each physician in our practice is trained to specialize in adult care and transition of care services.

At the onset of adolescence, we implement transitional protocols, with our validated transition of care index, to support the transition of care to the adult health care system by the time each patient becomes an adult.

As their health coach, we engage patients and their families to help teach them to make appropriate health and life decisions.

Comprehensive Health Care for Your Adolescent and Teen

If you’re looking for a primary care provider in New Orleans who your teenager can feel comfortable with and trust, call (504) 361-4203 today to make an appointment at Premium Care Medical Center. We look forward to taking care of your child from adolescence and beyond.