Meet the Doctors

Drs. Chukwunomnso and Princess Dennar serve adults and children in the New Orleans area. As combined internal medicine and pediatric physicians, they received extensive training in both disciplines.

Upon graduation of a combined residency, they received board certifications in both internal medicine and in pediatrics. Medicine-Pediatrics, or “Med-Peds” for short, is the practice of medicine devoted to comprehensive healthcare for the entire family. It is a form of primary care that provides continuing healthcare for the individual and family across all ages, sexes, diseases, and parts of the body.

“Our training and our experiences make us well-rounded health care providers. From our experiences in different clinical settings, we have developed a keen eye and ability to recognize and facilitate an acute health crisis seen by emergency room physicians, or urgent needs for severe exacerbation of a chronic condition to be cared for in the hospital, or preventive care services to optimize the health of our patients when we see them at regular intervals.“ – Dr. Princess Dennar

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