MD Connect

Premium Care Medical Center offers an exclusive telemedicine online physician consultation service, called MD Connect. With MD Connect, anyone can reach a physician after-hours (Mondays-Thursdays: 5 pm to midnight & Fridays-Sundays: 2pm to midnight)  to receive a personalized medical consultation.

This is far more than just an answering service telling you to call us in the morning or head to the nearest hospital. You can avoid the long waiting hours in the emergency room and higher co-pays associated with clinic or hospital visits by seeing a physician consultant online with MD Connect.

In your moment of need, use MD Connect and spare you or your child the hassle of going to the emergency room or scheduling a clinic appointment. A board-certified physician can be reached at the convenience of your own home after hours or even on vacation via online chat, Skype, or phone to treat minor medical ailments.

MD Connect is available to anyone from Louisiana for a small fee. You do not have to be a clinic patient to receive this service. However, VIP concierge patient members can receive this service for a discounted rate after hours. Established patients seen via our telemedicine service will only be responsible for paying the allocated co-pay, co-insurance, deductible associated with their insurance, if applicable. 

We provide the following: 

  • Diagnosis and initial management for many common medical conditions that are not urgent or emergent such as sinusitis, rashes, headaches, diarrhea, UTI, lice, and back sprains, to name a few 
  • Interim management of chronic medical conditions on occasions that may be too long between visits of your own personal provider (primary care or subspecialist) 
  • Interim management of medical conditions before seeking out care from your personal provider or from an urgent care emergency room clinician 
  • A format to manage patients with stable chronic medical conditions in between your next clinic appointment 
  • A copy of your interim visit details for your and your physician (with your permission)

How to get started: 

  1. Select your MD Connect price based on your membership or non-membership status. 
  2. Select your preferred contact method then indicate your phone number, Skype ID, or email.
  3. Make a payment.

Get ready to receive a personalized treatment plan! A physician will contact you in the next 20 minutes, via your preferred method of contact, for a 15-minute telemedicine consultation. If the MD provider deems it is indicated, an e-prescription will be sent to your pharmacy of choice choice immediately afterwards.

If you would like access to your records for future use, simply log into our patient portal and create a secure account to view your personalized medical history.

MD Connect Pricing
Preferred Contact Method
Phone #, Skype ID, or Email
VIP Member ID (if applicable)

MD Connect is just one of many ways Premium Care Medical Center is improving the quality of healthcare in New Orleans. Questions? Call us at (504) 361-4203 to learn more about this convenient service!

Disclaimer: Please note that MD Connect is not a substitute for your regular primary care physician or an emergency room visit. In addition, please be aware that PCMC does not prescribe any narcotics through MD Connect telemedicine consultations.