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HAPPY 4th of JULY FROM PCMC!! WOW!  The 4th of July has arrived and its half way through the summer. In no time, the school season will be back. So, get ahead of the game before the rush---- get your school physicals, vaccines and sport physicals done now! And for our adults, the summer time is good time as any time to get your annual hearing, vision, and entire physical done! Just a reminder that our office has walk-in slots available throughout the week from 3pm-4pm and on Saturdays from 1 pm to 2 pm for acute illnesses such as a rash, ear pain, headache, wheezing, or fever.  If you can’t make the walk-in clinic and want to make a sick appointment, please remember to call the office as early as possible.  Phones are on at 8:10 for morning clinics. We are closed for lunch at 12p and the afternoon clinic ...